Extra documentation articles

Here is the list of articles I plan to write (no external contribution expected here).

Articles about Pliant language:

The profiler

Threads and locking

Remote execution

Generic functions

Set data types (lists, arrays, etc)

Misc data types (dates, booleans, extended status, flagsets)

The parser

The code generator

Pliant graphic stack positioning layer

Pliant math libraries (functions, 2D points and vectors, curves, multi dimension curves)

Then articles about various Pliant servers:

The DNS server

The FTP server (assuming that I don't declare it obsolete)

The SMTP and POP3 servers

The LPR server

The SMB client

Articles about other Pliant subsystems:

The VNC scripting client

Various well known encodings (base64 and others)

The text editor layout

The document editor layout

The photos editor (assuming that I finaly decide to switch it to the new UI)

Articles about Fullpliant as an operating system:

Fullpliant installation script

Fullpliant basic configuration and maintaining

Logical computers administration

KVM virtual computer