Installing Pliant under Linux

Step 1: download

Use your favorite browser, connect to and download the latest release.
The Linux tarballs end with .tgz

Step 2: extract

Extract the tarball to /

Assuming that you downloaded pliant-99.tgz tarball to /tmp/ directory, then the command to extract it is:

cd /
tar -zxv -f /tmp/pliant-99.tgz

You need to be 'root' to do that.

Step 3: adjust ownership

Assuming that the Unix user you are using is 'myself', then the command to adjust ownership is:

mkdir /pliant_security/
chown -R myself /pliant_security/
chown -R myself /pliant_data/

You also need to be 'root' to do that.

Step 4: run

Open an X11 shell prompt, then type in:


After a few minutes (be patient) the Pliant main window should open.
You don't need to be 'root' to run Pliant.

Linux install FAQ

I don't want to install Pliant at /

That is possible, but since it's more complicated, you'll learn to do that later.
Anyway, if you are an advanced Unix user, you can try to untar Pliant tarball in your home directory instead of / then skip step 3.

How to uninstall Pliant ?

Pliant uses three directories:
Just remove these three directories. Pliant is expected not to add or modify any file outside these three directories.